A much needed vacation


This past week was a wonderful one. We took a spontaneous vacation! Our daughter and husband were on a week’s vacation in Florida and before they left, the son-in-law mentioned about wanting to go deep sea fishing if he had company. My husband loves fishing so he said maybe we would go down. They left and mid-week we just packed up and left too. They had a huge hotel room with two beds and bunk beds. The hotel was on the beach itself. We were thrilled because that meant we didn’t have to go hunting for a beach and waste time driving around for parking etc. After all, we went down Wednesday evening and had to return home on Friday morning.

This was the first vacation in years that I felt so relaxed. Everything was good. The fellowship of family, clean hotel and calming views. I even went into one of their pools they had there. The breakfast area was beautiful. We could even take our meal outside and watch the beach area. While hubby and son-in-law went deep sea fishing on Thursday, my elder daughter took us (my teenaged daughter and myself) to the nearby shopping area. There was a wonderful sale going on in one of the stores where there was an extra 50% off clearance. I was able to get quite a few clothing items for less than $40. We even got my teenager a dress for her homecoming dance this week that was marked way down at another store.

The only thing that I have to complain about was that the trip was so short. I definitely would be going there again! I felt so revived though I was in pain a bit from my health issues but it was a much needed vacation.

Making game day awesome with #free sample – review

The past few weeks were a bit hectic for me with my daughter’s volleyball practices, games and doctor visits. I too was having some issues with my health. Right now, I am in some pain but I wanted to make sure and get my review in for another wonderful mission from MyMagazine Sharing Network.

For this mission, I received my box and it came wrapped in the usual tissue. I love guessing what could be inside. Getting the #freesample is always like opening a gift at Christmas time!


There was a large plastic bottle of Kroger brand Pub Mix, a Koozie, coupon books for more Kroger products (a free pack of seltzer water) at a discount including coupons for giving to others.


I have tried using my concoctions of Kroger products including croutons, tomatoes and green beans. I even added some sliced pickled beets. Yummy! I love pickled beets!IMG_20180926_143143942bvlIMG_20180926_142420914bvlIMG_20180926_141136646bvl

I got discount coupons for Kroger products such as the Big Deal potato chips or tortilla chips (which I bought a few days after taking this pic out), spiral fries, crispy chicken strips. I bought some ground beef and added my house seasonings to it (salt, pepper, garlic salt) and some Worcestershire sauce. I sauteed the beef and drained out any grease. During the game on Saturday, hubby took advantage of the tortilla chips and salsa.

Today, we had the chicken strips for dinner. I ground some of the pub mix and added it as a coating to battered flour and egg before baking them for about 20 minutes. The chicken strips were precooked and needed to be thoroughly heated through but because I had a batter to them, I cooked them till they were crispy looking. It tasted awesome. I do love the pub mix. It is salty with a little kick to it. Some people may not like it. I guess it is a sort of preference thing.

I love doing this for MyMagazineSharing Network. It gives me the opportunity to experiment with Kroger brand items I never would have thought to buy. I encourage others to try out the Kroger brands because you do get your money’s worth and more!



Making snack time awesome review



#MyMagazineSharing Network has sent me some snack products and coupons for review. This time I was able to get our little cousins to try out the snacks. This time the kit I received included the following items:

  • ONE (1) Kroger Brand Chunky ChipMates Cookies, 13 oz.
  • ONE (1) Kroger Brand Fruit Snacks, 8 oz.
  • ONE (1) Coupon Booklet

From the coupon booklet, I was able to purchase the Kroger brand trail mix which I got for free (#FreeSamp ) Kroger brand on the go mini cups and fruit snacks at a discount. I had coupons for myself and to give to friends and family for the trail mix, fruit snacks, Chip Mates cookies, applesauce pouches, pizza snacks rolls, bagged popcorn, sandwich/snack bags and the on the go mini cups with lids.

The kids enjoyed the snacks except for the raisins in the trail mix. Not everyone loves raisins. I do. I think my favorite of the snacks was the fruit gummies. I could eat more than one pack at a time. That is exactly what my teenaged daughter did. She took a few packets and for our little get-together, I had to buy some more fruit snacks :). I would encourage others to try the Kroger brand of items because they are really affordable and serves the same purpose as other leading brands. Kroger brand items #WhereAwesomeMeetsAffordable

So many life changes


So many life changes

Today is the first of September 2108 and I feel as if this year has passed in such a blur. There are so many changes in my life that I can hardly fathom it all. Some are good and some not so good. I have finally found some time to blog today after all these months. Right now, it is just my hubby and I who are at home. Football officially started and he is watching a game on tv while I am here trying to play catch up. I am going to start with the good stuff first. It’s just a summary because I am not sure if I would be able to finish a super long blog.


  1. My youngest son had graduated with his Masters in Electrical Engineering in May and was able to spend the past three months at home. He had multiple interviews with various companies in the West Coast. He was finally able to land a wonderful job and in the next two and a half weeks, he’ll be preparing to relocate there. I pray that the Good Lord bless and keep him safe. I am proud of him for all his accomplishments. He has worked so hard for this.
  2. We’d become grandparents in July. My stepson is now a daddy and the baby would be two months next Sunday. I was so thrilled to be part of the birthing process and even got to take out pictures of the first moments. Another good thing about this was that there were no ill feelings between my husband’s ex and her family during this special moment. In fact, I even took pictures of them holding the baby and later on, I sent them copies.
  3. I finally was able to get rid of a lot of items that were cluttering the house. Some went to the Salvation Army and some got given away or sold at a consignment store. I still have more to go through.




  1. My health has gotten worse. I am not doing as much as I used to do. I can hardly spend time at the computer. I have been getting more flares and now I am hardly exercising due to heel spurs. It is getting harder to walk, stand or sit for long now. I also haven’t been blogging much in my health blog Fibromyalgia Undiagnosed . I need to be working on this. If you want to follow my health journey, you can do so at the link above. I also started an Instagram account (@fibromyalgiaundiagnosed) for my health journey.
  2. Due to the increasing health issues, I have stopped writing my short stories etc. That is a definite no-no for me because I have some unfinished works to edit and publish. Sometimes, it is hard to remember stuff.
  3. I can hardly clean the house without pain. My teenage daughter does help me a lot there. She also helps massage my heel when I am limping and have to sit on the recliner to rest the foot.
  4. Because of my not being able to exercise or walk much, I have gained a lot of weight. I feel depressed of seeing a huge middle and not being able to get it down. I am still stress eating. It is hard to eat healthy. I would do good for a while and then backslide 😦
  5. I no longer have a doctor who can work with me and my health issues. I have had two nurse practitioners for this year so far. The first one left about a month after she was there. The second one was one I used to see many years ago but now she has retired due to health issues. The one I really loved the most had left last December due to her husband having congestive heart failure and other issues.



  1. It is taking me longer to get things done. I am always behind in something. I have so many thousands of pictures to organize or delete.
  2. I was finally able to get my office in a decent order. Now if only I can get to working on my designs and putting them online to sell. I feel as if I am always running helter-skelter and not getting enough time to remember to do things I want to get done.
  3. My daughter’s volleyball season has started and we are getting to be busier with taking her to practice and games. Next week, school will be open and it is going to be tougher.
  4. Right now, I have a nagging toothache. It bothers me a bit more after I eat. I talked about this issue in my other blog.


I hate to make plans because somehow or the other, things seem to fall through. Like today for example. We were looking forward to grand baby coming for a visit but they had to go out to shop for some items. I was really looking for some cuddles. We don’t get to see him as often as we’d like. The good news is that hopefully, they would come over tomorrow after church.

I would really like to lose this weight. My heel spurs hurt so much with prolonged walking and walking is the only exercise I can do. I started to do some soft cardio a couple weeks ago but had to quit after 8 minutes because my heart rate went up so high that I can hardly breathe. I feel so frustrated that I am consistently gaining rather than losing weight.

I need to start making more vinyl decals and tee shirts and put them up for sale.

During the past few months, I was able to buy some woodworking tools and wanted to play around with some designs. Just holding the drill is hard to do. I really want to start again and hope that the pain is bearable.

Every time I tell myself that I need to make a time-table and create a schedule but whenever I plan in my head what I want to do for that day, something comes up and everything else is pushed aside. All I need is to create a routine to include some of these plans and try to stick to it. This is life and life brings so many changes.


Beauty products review

As some of you have noticed, I have started doing reviews for My Magazine Sharing Network. Apart from getting free products and discount coupons, I get to experience new items which I would not normally have used or bought. My latest products I have received was a package of beauty items. They were free and include:

  • ONE (1) Sample Pack Aveeno® Absolutely Ageless™ Daily Moisturizer and Restorative Night Cream
  • ONE (1) Neutrogena® Deep Clean® Purifying 100% Hydrogel Mask
  • ONE (1) L’Oréal® Paris Voluminous Mascara Primer- sample
  • ONE (1) Love Beauty and Planet® Lavender Shampoo and Conditioner Tandem Sachets
  • ONE (1) TRESemmé® Compressed Micro Mist Hair Spray – full size
  • ONE (1) Garnier® Fructis® Nourishing Treat 1 Minute Hair Mask
  • 20 Coupons for anyone who would like them



I have tried the Aveeno daily moisturizer and night cream. All I can say is wow! I think I am really seeing a difference using the night cream. My face looks more refreshed! My teenaged daughter wanted to try on the Neutrogena hydrogel mask. She had fun trying it on. It felt a bit slimy to the touch but fun to use as she described it. Here she is:


And here is me after using the mascara primer:


I have also used the TREsemme micro mist hair spray and the Garnier Fructis hair mask. I have saved the best for last because from the entire kit I received, I loved the Love Beauty and Planet® Lavender Shampoo and Conditioner! The smell of lavender takes me back to my childhood days when I used the lavender soaps and powder. Ah such blissful memories! Don’t forget you can get these items at your local Kroger!

#MyMagazineSharing #FreeSample #SpringFresh


Private Selection and healthy eating review

Every week I go grocery shopping at Kroger. I like to use my online account and add the digital coupons on it and save when I visit the store and make the purchases. When I was introduced via email about MyMagazineSharing, I was excited to try out their products by shopping at Kroger and getting free and discounted items. This is my third review and I am having fun telling others about it.

Today’s review is about using the Private Selection brand in their produce department and creating a dish with it. Here is what I purchased:

-Private Selection Hummus- I got the Traditional flavor

-Private Selection Artisan Lettuce (I had a coupon for a free Private Selection produce item)

-Private Selection mini cucumbers ( I used a coupon to get a discount)

-Private Selection red potatoes

-fresh shrimp

-bell peppers ( I used yellow and red)

-house seasonings for the shrimp (I used salt, black pepper, garlic salt and parsley)

-olive oil

-liquid aminos

-pita chips for the hummus


Here is how I made my shrimp:

-Wash and season shrimp.

-Pour a little olive oil in a skillet and saute the bell peppers before adding the shrimp. When the shrimps starts curling, add about a 1/4 cup of liquid aminos or soy sauce if preferred. Let cook for about a minute more and that is it!

Here is how I made my roasted potatoes:

-Preheat oven to 425 degrees F

-wash and dice the potatoes into cubes. Add any kind of seasonings you like. I used salt, pepper, garlic salt, paprika.

-Line a cookie sheet with foil

-Add seasoned potatoes and pour olive oil. Mix the oil into the potatoes. You can add the oil prior to putting on sheet but I did mine after.

-Roast uncovered in oven for about 20-25 minutes or until potatoes are tender.

I must say that in addition to getting the lettuce free, I also received a lovely black apron and vegetable ribbon cutter. Included in the kit was also recipe cards, coupons for myself and to share with others.

The Private Selection produce are quality foods. I have to admit that I was munching away on the baby cucumbers while making my dishes. Fresh and yummy!

Here are some photos of my dishes:


Pet treats review

Another great opportunity to do a review for Kroger’s My Sharing Network. Today, I was able to treat our dog, Sadie Piper with some delicious goodies. I received free samples and coupons for some free treats and dog food. Here is what I got:

*1 Free Blue Buffalo® Chicken & Brown Rice, 4 oz.

* 1 Free Pup-Peroni® Dog Snacks, 5.6 oz.

*1 Free Nature’s Recipe® Wet Dog Food, 2.75 oz- Real chicken flavor

A coupon each for:

  • ONE (1) Free Coupon for Purina ONE® True Instinct Trios Dog Treats
  • ONE (1) Free Coupon for Purina® Beneful® Grain Free or Select 10™ Premium Dog Food (I couldn’t find the size of dog food for this one when I went to look but I would go back and check to see if it is in stock)
  • ONE (1) Free Coupon for Nudges® Dog Treats

Plus coupons for discounts on those said items to share with others.

Sadie had a wonderful time testing them out. My daughter could hardly hold Sadie still for me to get a photo. She thoroughly enjoyed herself. Sadie’s favorite treat was the Nudges Grillers.

I really love doing these reviews #MyMagazineSharing #FreeSample